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Oliver the Dog and Arashi the Cat: the cutest best friends ever!

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Hyperrealistic Portraits Using Acrylic Paint by  JW-Jeong

(Joongwon Charles Jeong) on deviantART

Joongwon (Charles) Jeong is a hyperrealist painter from South Korea. A freelance artist and illustrator, Jeong studied Visual Communication Design at the Hongik University of Fine Art & Design in Seoul.

Jeong’s preferred medium is acrylic on canvas which he says is so versatile and its effect ranges from “thick, oil-like texture to watercolour splashes.”

With solo and group exhibitions in Seoul, Jeong is also quite popular online, especially on deviantART and Facebook where you can see much more of his incredible work.

Jeong lists his favourite artists as: Michleangelo, Titian, Holbein, Norman Rockwell, Sebastian Kruger, James Gurney, and Drew Struzan


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there’s no part of this i don’t love

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